For many years France Langue has welcomed in its different schools groups of all ages, all sizes, all goals. Whether it is part of a language learning or a touristic school trip, a team building seminar, a holiday with your family or friends, we organize the stay that you need and look for!

A stay
"à la carte"

Whatever school you chose, France Langue will organize with you a programme à la carte. Numbers of hours of class, activities, transfers, accommodations, course in an international class… We plan everything depending on your wishes to make your stay unforgettable.

Examples of trips (starting from 6 people):


Language & Culture in Paris

French lessons* + activities of your choice (guided visits, museums, “bateaux mouches”, Disneyland, French gastronomy)…

French class + Transfers + Lunch pack  + Activities + Outgoings +  Accommodations + Transportations

History & Heritage in Nice

French lessons* + activities of your choice (Monaco, Eze Village, Perfume creation workshop, visit of local markets), …

French class + Activities + Outgoings + Accommodation

"à la carte"


Classes are organised according to the students’ age, their interests and the group objectives.

  • General French classes
  • Specialised classes: exam preparation, business French, medical French, tourism and hospitality French, etc.
  • Classes combined with a cultural activity or sport: French and French heritage, French and French wine, French and golf, etc.

Sessions are organised around an activity, enabling the students to communicate as much as possible in French, increasing their fluency: role-plays, questionnaires, debates and other activities…

You choose the class frequency. For example, 15 classes a week leaves free time in the afternoon. A more intensive learning programme of 20 to 25 classes a week would maximise your French language learning.

If you prefer not to take French classes, we have plenty of other options available. We would be happy to help you organise a programme of activities and excursions to help you discover the city, the surroundings and the French culture.

Leisure, cultural and sports activities

We organise plenty of leisure, cultural and sports activities so you can discover France in your own way, through your own interests. Guided tours, excursions, sports, shows, food and wine tastings, social events, and much more! We know the region and its seasonal events well, adapting our programme to ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable and well-rounded French experience!

We are aware of the difference between each group and all groups will be treated accordingly : we are here to make sure that get the most from your time in France.



We have several different accommodation packages to meet your needs for French learning, budget, length of stay and the size and type of your group.


If you want to discover French life, be part of a family, practice your French and make progress quickly, then staying with a host family is ideal. Our host families, carefully selected by our housing service, are happy to welcome you into their home. You can share some or all meals with the family, participating in discussions.

When you travel as a group we are careful to select host families that meet your requirements: whether that be individual or shared accommodation in the same home, or finding families that live in the same area, etc.

Students spend the night with the host family and come together in the morning for their daily activities.

Group members can also get together in the evenings in a restaurant, or go out after dinner with their host families.


Our schools are in or near the town centre, and close to many snack bars, restaurants and cafés.

If you choose the option of full board in a host family, they will provide you with a packed lunch for weekdays. Evening meals are eaten with your family to encourage your language practice. Depending on the option you choose, you can alternate eating in with the family, and eating out with the other members of your group.

You should be aware that breakfast in France is a light meal, and doesn’t include hot or savoury foods, unless you are staying in a hotel, which often provides a savoury buffet (cheese, meat, etc.).

If there are group members with special dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies, etc.) or medical requirements, you must inform us beforehand.


We organise transfers upon your arrival according to your type of stay, the size of your group, your accommodations and your budget.

Our team is ready to furnish price estimates for a package tailored to your needs, the size of your group and the length of your stay. Contact us today!


We do everything we can to ensure the safety of all our students, regardless of age, during their stay. We recommend 1 chaperone for every 15 students, to ensure their safety at all times.

Host families enforce a curfew for students under the age of 18. Each student is aware of the rules for community living and must follow these rules.

지원 서비스

프랑스 랑그 학교에서는 교육팀이 학생을 기다리고 있습니다.

그들의 역할은 ? 불어 프로그램 동안 학생을 지원합니다.

불어 공부 내내 배운 능력을 사용과 학습에 적합한 상황을 만들기 위하여 상담과 동반은 프랑스 랑그 교수법의 중심입니다.

FLOnline 프랫폼에서 수업과 연습 문제들을 제공합니다. 프랑스 랑그 사이버 학교의 완전한 경험을 즐기시고 FLAlumni 네트워그를 통하여 새로운 온라인 만남을 하세요.

  • 종합불어 수업 : 선생님이 지도하며 프랑스어 공부하세요.
  • 교육적인 프로젝트 : 언어 코치와 함께 밖에 나가서 수업 때 배운 능력들을 실제로 사용하세요.
  • 그룹 멘토링 : 언어 코치가 학생의 부족한 부분을 잡아내서 강점으로 만듭니다.
  • 교육 상담자 : 그는 유일한 목표가 학생들의 성공과 행복입니다.

How to book
a group stay

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Request a quote
(see below)
Agree to a programme,
price and conditions
Receive confirmation of your stay :
pay a deposit of 50 % for the booking and
the balance four weeks before the group arrival.
Your stay is being organized:
housing allocation,
level tests, etc
Practical details are finalised:
arrival hours,
schedule, etc.

France Langue group programme key points :

Learn at home, practice online, live your experience in France.

  1. Student support by our team
  2. Varied and flexible programmes (Course only / Course + accommodation / Course + accommodation + cultural activities…)
  3. Course tailored to academic goals
  4. Many accommodation options to suit everyone’s needs (host family, residence, hotel…)
  5. Full social and leisure activity programme that combines discovery of the culture, language learning and pleasure
  6. A tailor-made quote.

Our groups testify

  • “ Everyone at France Langue Nice went out of their way to make sure that my students and me had productive and positive experiences. 

    Not only did they make all of the arrangements for home-stays and transfers, but they helped me to enroll my son in a local school and organized visits to Antibes and Eze that my students had specifically requested. What’s more, the students enjoyed their classes and made real progress in French.

    I did not have high expectations of Nice before this trip, and now I’m already thinking about my next visit. Yes, there are many tourists, and some areas fit the stereotypes of the French Riviera jet-set. But I’ve been impressed by the natural beauty, the friendliness and general courtesy of the Niçois, the great food, and—as someone who lived for many years in Paris—the weather! ”

    Susan D., USA, University teacher

  • “ The school in Bordeaux has an excellent teaching staff that is willing to go the extra mile to help students have a good experience.
    The teachers are always very accommodating and will answer all questions from the students even if it is off topic.

    The instructors were very experienced and allowed for the students to progress in the French language.  They did a great job of evaluating each student from the beginning, then building a plan for improvement.  This was the real benefit for the students as they were able to enhance their linguistic and grammar skills, learn more advance terminology and phrases, further their cultural knowledge and accomplish specific language/culture related tasks, thus continuing and improving in their study of the French language.

    The accommodation in host families was a valuable part of this training. Little English was spoken with the hosts, which is always the intent.  This aspect of the immersion allowed for a much higher return on training outcomes than the students residing in a dormitory campus or hotel.”



    A US Marine corps group leader


of our schools in France